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Award Winning “Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions” a solo comedy, written and performed by Suzanna Geraghty.

Winner of the audiences favorite show and performer award, The Audience Award, Off-Broadway at the United Solo Theatre Festival, November 2011. Selected from 77 shows from 11 countries, The United Solo is the biggest solo theatre festival in the world. “Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions” sold out receiving standing ovations.

Due to the success of “Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions,” Suzanna was invited to return to New York to feature in the Encore Group of Most Outstanding Shows to play at the United Solo Theatre Fest, October 2012. The show sold out, played to standing ovations and received a Best Seller rating.

Auditions Zoe's Auditions Show Photo

Auditions Zoe's Auditions Show Photo

In Sept 2012, Suzanna also featured Zoe at the 1st Irish Fest, New York.

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In 2011, Corcadora Theatre Co. in Cork, offered Suzanna a short residency award at the Triskle Arts Center to work on “Auditions, “Zoe’s Auditions” before venturing to the United Solo Theatre Fest. The residency enabled her to perform a stage- reading for a Cork audience. Also through the generosity of Camille Donegan and the members of the Attic Studio in Dublin, Suzanna was given the opportunity to do a stage -reading at the Attic Studio in Dublin.

In 2011, Suzanna writing was selected to feature in the 1st Irish fest breaking New Ground Series for the 1st Irish Fest.

In 2009, Suzanna received The Emerging Artists Residency Award, 2009 in New York from The to create a new theatre piece. She created Zoe and wrote a scene for her called “Zoe’s Auditions.” “Zoe’s Auditions” was showcased at The Dance Theater Workshop in New York and filmed live. Suzanna performed the role.

See excerpt of “Zoe’s Auditions” shot live at the Dance Theater Workshop on YouTube

Zoe's Audition

Zoe’s Audition

Suzanna also co- wrote the solo comedy “The Formula” with Michael Zettler. “The Formula” which was chosen by La MAMA E.T.C in New York for their La Galleria play series. Suzanna performed “The Formula” at LaMAMA ETC, La Galleria, 2006.

Suzanna is a member of The Dramatist Guild of America, American Actors Equity, Irish Actors Equity, SAG and The

For more details on Suzannas acting credits & training see Acting Resume.

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