BBC interviews with Suzanna Geraghty on her Award winning Solo Comedy “Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions”


Recent Reviews:

“Hilarious… Powerful…”
Irish Examiner 25/09
“A serious investigation, told through comedy, of, well, the meaning of life.”
Irish Examiner 2/10

“charming.. a gifted physical comedienne”
New York Times

Geraghty combines exemplary vocal and physical clowning skills… exquisite dramatic talents… we are so moved by the meaningfulness of Zoe’s transformation…Cleverly written…”

“A real treat… Suzanna has a remarkable presence and talent for physical comedy, and her timing, nuance and energy are phenomenal…it’s easy to see how comparisons to Lucille Ball have already been made…
heartwarming…Zoe’s journey is one that can be appreciated by all…”
Women Around Town

“Amazing theatre…incredible”
It’s a Glam Thing- New York Blogger Kathy Hodge

“It’s Brilliant!! You identify with her so much…I would recommend it to everybody”
Malachy McCourt, actor & author

“Suzanna Geraghty combines tons of charm with a very agreeable stage personality and she struck up an instant rapport with the audience, who clearly loved her.” She does exude a feel- good factor the audience responded to warmly.”
The Irish Mail on Sunday


Suzanna Geraghty’s winner at the United Solo with her solo comedy “Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions”

Suzanna Geraghty Audience Reviews for Award Winning Solo, “Auditions Zoe’s Auditions”

Suzanna Geraghty Reviews

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